Security System PEY-135

PEY - 135


    The device named Pey-135 is a safety sensor designed for bench type saws and it measures the body temperature of the worker or the living thing in the dangerous area, and automatically stops the saw when it comes too close to the dangerous area.

    The design of this device is very important to ensure the safety of people and other creatures working in the dangerous area. Work in a hazardous area is often high risk and can result in serious injury or death. Pey-135 offers an effective solution to help prevent such accidents.

    The Pey-135 has a highly sensitive body temperature sensor, so it can continuously measure the body temperature of the worker or other living things. If a person or creature approaches the danger zone, the sensor detects this and automatically stops the saw.

    The device is very easy to set up and can be easily integrated into any bench saw. Pey-135 has a long-lasting and durable structure, so it is ideal for long-term use.

    As a result, the device called Pey-135 is an extremely effective solution to ensure the safety of people working on bench saws and other creatures. The design and features of the device can greatly contribute to the safety of people working in such jobs.


Company : PEYKAN
Dimensions : 45x20x15
Operating voltage : 24V DC (±%5)
Working Current : Max 250mA
Operating temperature : 0 – 50 ºC
Moisture : 90% uncondensed
Status Indicator : 2 led(Power/Signal)
Output : 24VDC
Sensor Type : IR(Infrared)
Sensitivity Adjustment : Potentiometer