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The Pey-709 card is a general purpose I/O card with 8 digital inputs and 10 relay outputs. The card also communicates with the computer via the serial port with the standard RS232. The card can function in the following ways: The markings that come into the inputs are transmitted to the computer and the corresponding relays can be pulled from the computer to the card, or the status of the relay will be changed according to the markings coming into the inputs and the computer will be notified of these actions. The card can also be programd at the user's request. Pey 709 card can be used in panels by inserting it into the clipboard rail if desired.

Input Type: Filtered, isolated digital input.
number of entries: 8 digital inputs.
Output Type: Relay.
number of Outputs: 10 relay outputs.
supply voltage: 24 V DC ( ±%5 )
Current Drawn from Supply: Max.250 mA.
operating frequency: 16 MHz.
moisture: 0-90%RH in non-condensing environment.
operating temperature: 0 - 70 °C
humidity: 95% non-condensed.
Communication Standard: RS 232.
Product Dimensions: 105 mm x 190 mm
Max. switching voltage: 250 V AC, 100 V DC
Max. switching current: 10 A ( AC ), 5 A ( DC )
Note: The height of the product is 65 mm, given the highest-size element on the board and the device's feet for panel mounting.