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Packaging Pystems Model MIX


The model mixes the process of parsing similar products that occur during production, so that they are not mixed during packaging.


Examples and characteristics of the use of modelmix in a cable company are as follows. The Modelmix program calculates the amount of cables. The hours of arrival can be set, the number of cables in the tracks. It calculates the percentage of products in the tracks and how long it remains to complete the package. It opens the cover of the corresponding pallet for the product bar code and requests verification at the same point. The model mix system increases productivity by preventing errors from workers. When we look at the Modelmix program flow, we see that every part of the program is controlled by bar codes. All users have a password.


The program flow operates according to the authorities. There are some user levels. the administer, which has access to each part of the program at the highest level, then comes supervisor, quality controller and operator. Operators are authorized to use the program as authorized by the supervisor. This model adds ease of use to operators. Includes PLC panel, Bar Code readers, Thermal plugs, double-sided sensor-controlled packaging stations as the model mix hardware.

One of the most important features of the Modelmixin is that it is running on different databases, such as AS400, Oracle, ASP, and managing them in line with program flow, and some data may be coming directly from other computers. In this case, the ports to be retrieved can be directly replaced from combo boxes on the program. Modeled mixte data can be real-time (real-time) The program sets itself to the old values for errors that may occur from the hardware. The model shows the production of operators in various graphical interfaces, week, month, or year-on-year. Available at each point in the ability to output existing data. The box (box) capacities to place in the current products are set, and all the changes made are erroneous inputs that are constantly sending messages to the operator. Modelmix also includes different language options. English is selected as a common language. The user is allowed to use the language of choice by adding the non-available languages and making the necessary translations. Please contact us for more information.