Scale Cards PEY-706 | PEY-707


PEY - 706

PEY706 CAS is a special purpose card designed for indikators. This card provides a dual-path synchronous communication between the thermal printer and the indikator. The card does not require an External supply unit. In terms of ease of use, the preferred PEY706 RS232 protocol allows Printerdan to receive a label of the desired form type by interpreting data from the Indicator within the framework of certain rules. This card can be used to obtain time date and scale information on the label. Fixed values on the label (Firm name firmware address phone, etc.) these variables are available with the.

Card Size: 95 mm x 90 mm x 30 mm
Operating Frequency: 16 MHz
Operating Temperature: 0 - 50 °C
Humidity: % 95 yoğunlaşmamış
Operating Voltage: 3.5 5 V
Humidity: RS232
Communication connection: DB 9 male
Compatible devices: CAS İndikatör ve Zebra termal yazıc

PEY - 707

The PEY 707 is a special purpose weighing device that can work with any inator. This device provides label communication between the printer and the indicator and links the two to print labels. There are 2 digit display indicators on the device. The number on this indicator is used to select the label to be removed. So theoretically, 99 different labels can be selected. (This number depends on the printer's memory and the size of the labels designed.) In addition, the PEY-707 device keeps the time and date information in its memory, so the inator does not need to send the time and date information, which reduces the incisor cost. The PEY-707 device is designed to be suitable for label removal in different formats. If desired, the label can be printed by pressing the print key on the indicator, pressing a button to connect to the device externally, or by looking at a sign that will come into any of the inputs on the device. In addition, the relay outputs can be activated in any case according to the special request.

The PEY-707 device is designed with a specially designed computer software. This software connects the PEY-707 device and the label printer separately. By connecting with the PEY-707 device, the device's time-date information is updated and the device is calibrated for the different indicators. If the label is connected to the printer, the number is to select which label to remove and the labels can be designed by the user at the user's request. This means that the company name, address, phone, etc. is outside of variable values such as weight information from the inator and time-date information from the device fixed parts such as can also be replaced.

The device communicates with the indicator, label printer and computer with the standard RS232 and does not require an external supply. In addition to all of these described, the device is designed to accommodate changes and design differences, and can be functional in any way the user wants it to work.

supply voltage: 5 V DC ( The label is supplied from the printer )
input type: Digital input with filter, insulated
number of entries: 2 pcs
Output Type: Relay Output
number of studies: 2 pcs
operating temperature: 0-70 °C
humidity: 95% non-condensed
moisture: 0-90% RH non-condensing environment
Device Dimensions: 36 mm x 75 mm x 110 mm
operating frequency: 16 MHz
Communication Standard: RS232
Read Information: Ram & eeprom
Feature 1: Updated time - date memory
Feature 2: 2 buttons for label selection
Feature 3: 2 rigid display indicators showing label selection
Feature 4: low power consumption
Feature 5: Easy connection with label printer and indicator
Feature 6: Ease of use with any indicator