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PLC Label Printing PEY-710 | PEY-710A


PEY - 710

Pey-710 is a device designed to print labels from a PLC or any ignorance that can produce digital output. A maximum of 32 labels can be printed with this device. (In special cases, this number may increase). The label selection is based on signals coming into the digital inputs of the device. There are 5 digital inputs on the device. Pey-710 keeps the device in its memory of the time and date, so printed labels can be added at any time. There are 3 buttons on the device, which are used to increase the number of labels and to reset the number of labels without increasing the number of labels. This can also be done using the corresponding digital inputs on the device.

The user is also informed by the corresponding led lighting up when a signal is received for any input. The Pey-710 device is made with the printing process. This software allows you to load information about labels in the printer, design labels as desired, change information such as the time, date, tag bear of the Pey-710 device, and update it.

Specifications of PEY-710
Operating Temperature: 0 - 50 °C
Moisture: 0-90 % Yoğunlaşma olmayan ortamda
Supply Voltage: 24 V DC ( ±%5 )
Operating Frequency: 16 MHz
Status Indicator: 8 red led
Buton: 3
Input: 8 digital inputs
Inlet Filter: 75 ms with active filter
Label Printing: With button or with input
Reset Function: With button or with input
Communication connection: RS232
Read Information: Ram & eeprom
Device Dimensions: 36 mm x 75 mm x 110 mm
Relay outputs: 1 relay outputs (rated switching power : N.O --> 625 VA , 90 W N.C --> 250 VA, 30 W )
Max. switching voltage: 250 V AC, 100 V DC
Time and Date: Up-to-date time and date memory
Label printer in which it works: Types of Zebra Printer

PEY - 710A

The Pey-Bar card is a general purpose I/O card with 7 digital inputs and 1 Dual-cone relay outputs. At the same time, with the 2 Port RS232 standard, the computer communicates with the Barcode Printer and the Barcode Reader through the serial port. The card can function in the following ways: The signals to the 5 inputs the Type and product reference selection in the barcode has isolated the operation, this is usually controlled by the PLC signer (also controlled by Manual anathals).

The product refrens number is selected from the maximum 32 types of internal memory via the Sensor signals on the production line or on the fixture. It counts the internal counter and has increment number efficiency for each reference. Value 2 input provides the barcode label cement, 1. Inputu Bar Code label increase the head and increments of the bar code label Head and last consecutive number (used to repeat the bar code with this amplitude).

With built-in clock integrated and powered by the battery, it is not active from power outage, it can write the actual time on the label in terms of date, time, and seconds.

The computer has two directions of heberization, so that the clock setting counter-setting and reset is performed. The line code of the card can be set with adjustable logic anchorers so that the code of the production line can be written on the label or on the barcode content.

The barcode reader counts in the bonding and triggering circuit and if the ager conditions are met in this osyncrate production line, it is able to retrieve the barcode information by triggering the fixed bar code reader. It has the ability to take the last 20 of the bar codes it has read and prevent the same product from being labeled again.

All Zebra Printers and all wired, wireless serial communication barcodes support the ability to exit AN ERROR tag without the necessary syndicates being provided or without reading the barcode information. The card can also be programd at the request of the incubator. Pey 710A card can be used in panels by inserting it into the clipboard rail if desired.

Input Type: Filtered, isolated digital input.
number of entries: 8 digital inputs.
input voltage: 12- 24 V DC
Output Type: Relay.
number of exits: 1 Double Contact relay outputs
supply voltage: 24 V DC ( ±%5 )
Current absorbed from supply: Max. 250 mA.
operating frequency: 16 MHz
moisture: 0-90 %RH Yoğunlaşma olmayan ortamda.
operating temperature: 0 - 50 °C
humidity: %95 yoğunlaşmamış.
Communication Standard: 2 , RS-232.
battery: 3.3 volt.
product sizes: 105 mm x 190 mm
Max. switch power: 2500 VA
Max. switching voltage: 250 V AC, 100 V DC<
Max. switching current: 10 A ( AC ), 5 A ( DC )
real time: RTC (Real Time Clock)
Feature 1: low power consumption.
Feature 2: The height of the product is 65 mm, given the highest-size element on the board and the feet of the appliance for panel mounting.