Stock Program


The Stock Control program is a program designed to work on all operating conditions. The program provides passwords to each user, so you can see who's doing what on the stock. Each product can be supplied in the Bar Code next to a standard code. The barcode code is read from the bar code reader and transferred to the program. In this way, stock tracking is facilitated in . You can keep track of the amount in stock. When introducing the product in the program, each product is divided into separate groups.

Enter the minimum stock status and quantity information where the product was purchased. If the product is requested by name when the inputs are output, they are output according to code or barcode code provided. These outputs fall or are added to the selected tank quantity from previously defined tanks. The program warns the user if the material requested from the tank is missing. Or, if the number of materials in the tank is less than the number of materials to be output, it warns the user again. The reporting section of the program shows the current status of products registered in registered warehouses. Products that are lower than minimum are also listed separately.

All reports are converted TO EXCEL format. In addition, the motion reports show which products are exited from which warehouses and which dates and where, and where. The products can be output individually, as well as output in groups. This is enough to write the name of the product that is stored in the records. The program automatically checks the list of records entered to see if there are any desired quantities in the warehouses. It warns the user if any of the products in the list are not in stock. If there is less than the amount required in stock, how much of this amount can be output automatically calculated before alerting the user and to the user it is reported that it can output on a basis of these values. This grouping is done once, and then only the group name is selected when it wants to be exiting the same group.

General Features

Giving each user a separate password so that you can list what users are doing

Ability to provide barcode with product code

Ability to exit 3 separate tanks at the same time

Ability to continuously monitor the latest situation in Stock

Warning when products fall below my minimum in tanks with minimum value control

Export all reports to excel

Create product groups so that they can exit in bulk