Since the performance of the machines is largely dependent on the machines in the production of the products in the manufacturing enterprises, monitoring and measuring this machine system within the scope of an information system is of great importance at the stage of eliminating the production losses in the machines. In the study, increasing the performance of the machines in the production lines, the traceability from the raw material to the final product stage, and thus production losses, wrong product formations and higher quality product creation processes.

The working status of the injection machines is displayed instantly. Automatic shift display on the upper part of the screen, visual information about the production, tea and meal times of the line, general productivity percentage (OEE) and emoji corresponding to the OEE percentage are displayed in the message part. In addition to the overall production, the production status and efficiency of each injection machine are calculated in the system. On a piece-by-piece basis, how much time, how much scrap, employee performance and machine performance are calculated. Here, the injection machine shutdown or stoppage is recorded in the automatic system by entering the reason for the stop. In reporting, it provides data analysis on which machine stops working and for what reasons, and whether it is user-related or machine-based.

In all these processes, the quality values of the products, the number of defective products, the efficiency of the machines must be reported from the production flows. As a result of these reports, changes in the quality parameters of the products, the maintenance of the machines or the artificial intelligence work algorithms defined for the machines may show changes. In line with these, it is ensured that the lines stop and production is not interrupted.

  • Accurately and quickly monitor machine and worker performance to calculate efficiency and maximize productivity
  • Linking specific workforce activities to production criteria for enhanced analytics capabilities to better understand performance versus planned or budgeted costs (employee authorization based on experience by machine or product they work with)
  • Provide real-time visibility into employee engagement and instant status to better respond to daily production and service needs
  • Traceability of employee information, product tree, associating with production and service